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What is SSMHG?

Sa Spirit Meditation Healing Group Training (SSMHG) is an online platform for quality assurance of vocational training, modules, and refresher courses in private education, with extensive experience in complementary health care (CAM care).

SSMHG combines specific knowledge of CAM care with the know-how of quality assurance and modern information technology. Our accreditation processes focus on assessment, improvement, and development of quality.

The SSMHG stands for the Sa Spirit Meditation Healing Group. This Association SSMHG stands for quality and Review. SSMHG is a vocational training institution, recognized by the SSMHG Association. The trainers in spiritualism possess large and good knowledge. This knowledge is important to share so that therapists can develop further and can grow in their profession. The SSMHG Professional Association.

However, what is often missing is a reliable connection between these two. SSMHG, help to restore this connection.

We believe the transfer of knowledge and increasing quality in this the industry is extremely important to aim and to a stable and reliable factor. We offer as a professional organization, the SSMHG the importance for various therapists, teachers the chance to give the time-consuming process off your hands so you can focus on primary tasks as a therapist. Because SSMHG itself primarily on the assessment of educational opportunities, this process is done with great precision and skills.

We guarantee high-quality, high-quality for spiritual service to therapists, trainers, and students recognized for departments.

This includes the assessment of complete training, share training, in-service training, courses, and through this Association together with the SSMHG we charge the effective and up to date training in image for therapists, so that up to a good, personal advice. This Association works closely with the ' Online training centra ROSS and another practice school more dan 60 Country's Worldwide and the state as the highest ''Sa Spirit Meditation Healing Group'' (International.) ROSS is the founder of SSMHG and has extensive experience with energy and life energies and all studies on spiritualism.

From this background, is SSMHG the biggest connoisseur of competence orientation, wide professionalization and indeed all facets that the contemporary master secondary and higher education is to connect with a wide range of recognized spiritual study's of Netherlands and Belgium but also Canada USA Portugal Spain Germany France New Zealand Afrika India and more countries? ROSS is above all a recognized attribute on any other study's ROSS, this we give for the right people who focus on the professional work and keeps the complete time plan in the holes.

In addition, the SSMHG Is the contact point for all trainers who want to discover more about spiritualism. Quality and Review nature-oriented - high spiritual - Yoga-food-energy - Tantristische training aims for high-quality, independent services. A unique but also essential contribution to quality. The SSMHG is responsible for the accreditation of the training itself. One consequence of this is that an accredited training by trainers doesn't have more in different places will be accommodated, the SSMHG has its own review and clear imaging. We see it as our job to assess and accredit training to register, by training.

Only in this way we give a large group of therapists, teachers, doctors, healing energetic masters in the industry the ability to make an informed choice for training and various possibilities for objective information to share with a wide range of stakeholders. So we are working on the value of giving diplomas.

Not just for a therapist is this pleasant but also for the clients is this a certainty that the therapists recognized professional trained. In addition, the trainer makes sure the SSMHG is an independent party behind the already acquired knowledge of (old) students. Also the quality question towards insurers. (This is per insurance differently).  Founder of SSMHG *** Ph.D. Samara Atma Alya Tamis is the founder of SSMHG and she has extensive experience with High spiritual studies also Management in business since 1994.

From this background, she is a great expert of competence orientation, wide professionalization, and indeed all facets that entail the contemporary higher education/spiritual to connect with a wide range of spiritual training boxes. Ph.D. Samara Vlok and Ph.D. Tailer Dwan and Aneg Singh: are, above all, owners of the training centra at the SSMHG, they ensure that the right people will focus on vocational training and keeps the complete time span in the holes. They are also a point of contact for trainers and Associations.

Hurcul Nansink and Micklós Lucács: are communications managers- Business psychologists of SSMHG and they have a background in marketing communications and graphic design. They have deliberately chosen to be employed in this industry so that they can make their contribution to the increase of quality. They see that complementary care has the right to exist, but here and there though remains in professionalization and quality. With their sharp eye for detail, they try with SSMHG to help to take steps in the right direction.

SSMHG has now a stronghold of more than thousands of therapists/practitioners, energetic physicians, yoga teachers who as a group for a healthy spiritual society that more recognition for spiritual and energetic care receives. SSMHG daily their a unique contribution by delivering the highest possible quality of care to offer to their clients. This high quality of care enables us to guarantee because SSMHG for therapists/practitioners, energetic doctors who are skilled, wide with different forms of work and that work fully according to the spiritual principles of the Healing Group. (SSMHG)

Director: Dr. Tailer Dwan and Dr. Samara Atma Alya Vlok

Our mission.

With a critical eye, a modern approach, and a lot of experience, we visualize the quality and create clarity about the future prospects of training courses. We get up in the morning because we believe we can really make a difference. Our goal is to increase the quality of CAM education, to make the quality more transparent, and to make the offer easier to find.

We broaden our mission: to achieve better cooperation between all stakeholders and to contribute to a more modern, progressive, and innovative professional group.

Worldwide Association
Worldwide Association

Our vision.

We envision a healthcare market in which complementary healthcare has established itself as an excellent professional group alongside regular healthcare. This has created trust and cooperation, with the primary goal of better prevention and treatment of diseases and disorders.

This starts here and requires educational knowledge, experience, innovation, broad involvement, and the courage to make a critical statement without bias about the quality of the largest SSMHG courses on offer, nationally and internationally.

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