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Based primarily on an amalgamation of spirit and ancestor cults and healing traditions brought by African slaves to the New World, and secondarily on African and European forms of folk Catholicism, Vodou (Voodoo) is the most popular religion among Haiti's eight million citizens, most of whom are peasants. It is also practiced by a sizable minority of the two million Haitian immigrants (and a small number of converts of diverse ethnic backgrounds) in the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, and North American cities like Miami, New York, and Montreal.

The first Vodou practitioners in the United States were the African and Creole slaves of French plantation owners fleeing the violence of the Haitian Revolution (1791-1804), who settled mainly in New Orleans, where the religion remains part of the city's religious fabric, sometimes practiced in concert with Hoodoo, a form of African American folk spirituality that is also based on ancient African traditions.

Like any religion, Vodou is a system of symbols, beliefs, and practices that provides its adherents, whether in Haitian or American society, with a sense of meaning and purpose in life, a means of communing with the sacred, moral guidelines, a source of personal identity and group solidarity, and the courage to face life's struggles.

Learn everthing about the Voodoo rituals
Learn everthing about the Voodoo rituals

Vodou emerged in the sixteenth century among enslaved Africans and their descendants in the western region of the Spanish Caribbean colony of Santo Domingo, which became the French colony of Saint-Domingue in 1697 and eventually the Republic of Haiti in 1804. Although possessing deep roots in West Africa and Central Africa, the religion is more correctly identified as African-derived or African-based rather than African, even if the term Vodou (whose original meaning in the West African Fon language is "spiritual entity") was reappropriated by practitioners of traditional African religions in West Africa in the twentieth century to designate their own religion.

Like Santería and other major African-derived religions in the Americas, Vodou is an example of diffused monotheism, meaning that the sacred power of a single creator god, called Bondye (Good God) or Granmèt (Great Master), is diffused through a pantheon of divinities, which in Vodou are called lwa, and throughout nature. As such, the lwa are deeply enmeshed in nature, and each lwa is associated with some natural force or feature, like rivers, rainbows, the earth, and the sea.

Training Content:

We teach you everything about Voodoo protection rituals such as, Protection against the curses Protection symbolsWard off the evil eye Protection against negative energies Cast back magic Protected spells protection of sleep Cleaning the house in the right way Expulsion of the decreased defense of curses What are demons, occupation, liberation from elementary spiritual the soul out

Working with magic The basis of an invocationCandle rituals Knitting and weaving magic Footprints Wanga's Parting curse, curse with limited effect Healing magic Love magic Altar Bring a lost soul home Outside inside altar Calling Wind directions

** Haiti and Africa **

The TattvasThe runnenschrift  Magical exercises Control of the elements traveling with the subtle bodies Clarity Brightness of the ears Clair voyance Control thoughts Imagination Strengthening the will power Programming the subconsciousTrance Breathing Relaxation


Clothing, robe, hat, belt Knives Sword Trident The staffThe chalice boiler The lamp Smoking The flutes rattle mirror magic capacitors The clockAmulets The dowsing rod The shuttle Nails The voodoo needle Masks

*** Magic symbols also in daily life *** The circle triangle pentagram spirals Vévés The right way of handling the Voodoo pentacle

*** Demons - spirits, mood creatures

***Self-created demons Elementary spirits The creatures of the air creatures of the earth, fire, and water The moon atmosphere, The mercury sphere, Venus, Sunsphere, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn atmosphere.*** Helpful spirits **Fetishes Antelope fetish Chain Fetish Light spirit Magic with helpful minds*** Doll magic **Everything about doll magic! Entirely on your own responsibility and at your own risk!


Everything is dealt with what has to do with Voodoo. SSMHG Training Institute is not liable for sending for curses and/or rituals and/or assignments that are not executed correctly. This is entirely at your own risk. However, people are guided in the right way. Who is this training suitable for? For people with a healthy mind (positive being positive) For people who have been developed intuitively For people who want to learn everything about Voodoo in a correct way. For people with a great interest in magic, spirits, spiritualism, For people who, besides his / her practice, want to expand knowledge about everything that has to do with rituals, magic. For people who perform Paramedical - Mediumship - Sjamanism Spirit Hunter and/or want to carry out a broader knowledge.

This course is NOT suitable for people with one of the following conditions: soul pain delusions addiction traumas depression fears schizophrenia personality disorder neurotic behavior panic disorderborder linefear of failure.

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