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Tantra Sex Start your own Tantra Pratic
Tantra Sex Start your own Tantra Pratic

What is tantra sex?

Tantra sex is making love with love and with consciousness. In tantra sex, you make a deep energetic connection with your partner. It is a special meeting, a journey of discovery in which sex and heart are allowed to participate completely. All of the orgasmic potentials are activated. Uninhibited, cheerful, passionate playing with sexual energy and with each other. Wonderfully long (hours of) ecstatic get-together. Your lust and transcending yourself: from lust to love to devotion. Two bodies that merge into one, that's tantra sex.

Growing in consciousness

At Online Tantra we use the slogan: "From your head, into your body, to your heart, consciousness". Tantra has to do with the search for yourself. Expanding your consciousness and thus freeing yourself from the slavery of your mind (ego). You are not what you own, you are not what you think. Freeing from (the patterns from) your past, free from (pre) judgments, free from (the disappointment of) expectations and desires (desire). Free from false identification with what you are not.

The path of love

Tantra is growing in love and consciousness. Peeling off the onion ... Because at the core we are love. We are perfect just the way we are. Tantra is a path of surrender, of acceptance of all that is, just as it is. Tantra brings us to the heart (and soul). In our hearts, in love we make no conditions, we have no judgment. Love embraces, cherishes, lets go of what is no longer needed. Love is always looking for the connection, simply because in love we have always been connected.

Feel and use your senses

On the tantra path, you learn (subsequently) to FEEL. Using your senses makes you discover the world. Tantra makes you lose and natural. By developing your senses you can feel that you are part of nature, that you are part of a greater whole. By directing your senses to your body / inwards, you can also feel your body, your life energy. Sexual energy (energy around your pelvic area) makes an important contribution to your zest for life. And if you link your senses to your heart, your experience, your joy of life will become even greater.

Tantra Sex Teacher Training Content:

History, the polarity of sex,

Multiple orgasms for men,

Tantra and Yoga,

Tantra and accept yourself,

Working on the basis,

Time for Tantra,


A holy place,

Bandhas and tantric fitness for him and her,

Tantric dance,


** Chakras,

Meditation and tantric setting,

Shiva and love,

Purification ritual,

Breathing and eye contact,

Kingdom of the divine,

Shiva and Devi,

Shiva Linga,

Tantric touch of erogenous zones,

Tantric sex and discharge,


**Completely let go,

Tantric touch,

Tantric sex and its discharge,

Roll Change,

Support for sex,

Tantric turn,


**Tantric sex,

Erotic massage,

Tantric kiss,

Be one with tantra.

The first Sutra,

Hurry and orgasm,


The second Sutra,


Massage of the YONI,

Lingam Massage,

The third sutra,

Forget yourself,

Techniques and context,

The fifth technique,

Her holy place,

His holy place,


**Cosmic orgasm,


Feelings of happiness and warmth,

Mutual tantric masturbation,

Gunni Lingus,

Sex is the beginning,


Stimulation of the clitoris,


Meditation Process,

Sex energy,

Rest and enjoy,

Sex Act,

The head of the penis and the frenulum,

Penis, Task.

**The surrender,



Anal Play,

Sex Energy,


A central point of Tantra,

Meditative experience,

Anal pleasure for her,

Anal fun for him,

Life Force and sex,


Tantric bumping,

Pleasure no lust, Task.

**How to do the tantra in practice,



Dry orgasm,

Sex Toys For her,


Sex toys for him,

Kama Sutra,

Lotus posture,

Aware of what you perceive,

The man above,

The woman above,

Buttocks position, Task.

**Step by step to become a Tantra Sex teacher,

Practical Information,


Tuition Fee,


Tantra Teachers training,


Basic Skills,

Teaching materials,


Breathing Exercises,

Pleasant place,

Motivation test and Exam. 

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