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The Original Tantra Sex Teacher Training combines the following practices:

  • The Tibetan 5 Element Practices for healing body, mind, spirit and sex
  • Taoist Sexual Yoga Practices from a 5,000-year-old tradition
  • Tantric Movement Practices for healing and awakening more pleasure
  • Non-Violent Communication for cultivating profound empathy and compassion
  • Somatic/Tantric Healing Principles for healing sexual and emotional trauma
  • Contemporary cutting-edge knowledge of sexuality, trauma and holistic healing
  • And more........

This Tantra Certification program is for you if...-You are looking for a Tantra Certification program with a deep level of authenticity
-You want to establish a holistic Tantra coaching business that is grounded in your own You want to help others heal and transform their sexuality.
-You are committed to personal and spiritual growth
-You yearn to embody the sacredness of sexuality and share that with others
-You thrive when you feel fully supported, both personally and professionally
-You want to help transform this planet

Tantra Sex Teacher Training Content:

**History, polarity of sex,

Multiple orgasm for men,

Tantra and Yoga,

Tantra and accept yourself,

Working on the basis,

Time for Tantra,


A holy place,

Bandhas and tantric fitness for him and her,

Tantric dance,


** Chakras,

Meditation and tantric setting,

Shiva and love,

Purification ritual,

Breathing and eye contact,

Kingdom of the divine,

Shiva and Devi,

Shiva Linga,

Tantric touch of erogenous zones,

Tantric sex and discharge,


**Completely let go,

Tantric touch,

Tantric sex and its discharge,

Roll Change,

Support for sex,

Tantric turn,


**Tantric sex,

Erotic massage,

Tantric kiss,

Be one with tantra.

The first Sutra,

Hurry and orgasm,


The second Sutra,


Massage of the YONI,

Lingam Massage,

The third sutra,

Forget yourself,

Techniques and context,

The fifth technique,

Her holy place,

His holy place,


**Cosmic orgasm,


Feelings of happiness and warmth,

Mutual tantric masturbation,

Gunni Lingus,

Sex is the beginning,


Stimulation of the clitoris,


Meditation Process,

Sex energy,

Rest and enjoy,

Sex Act,

The head of the penis and the frenulum,

Penis, Task.

**The surrender,



Anal Play,

Sex Energy,


Central point of Tantra,

Meditative experience,

Anal pleasure for her,

Anal fun for him,

Life Force and sex,


Tantric bumping,

Pleasure no lust, Task.

**How do the tantra in practice,



Dry orgasm,

Sex Toys For her,


Sex toys for him,

Kama Sutra,

Lotus posture,

Aware of what you perceive,

The man above,

The woman above,

Buttocks position, Task.

**Step by step to become a Tantra Sex teacher,

Practical Information,


Tuition Fee,


Tantra Teachers training,


Basic Skills,

Teaching materials,


Breathing Exercises,

Pleasant place,

Motivation test, Openbook Exam.

***The total hours for the Training is: 1 Hour each day in a working week. During  about for 4 months. After your Training you are Tantra Sex Teacher Trainer.

Training as a Tantra Teacher

It has become very apparent that Tantra is an ever growing and expanding market throughout the world. Sarita and several members of her team are overwhelmed by the demand for groups in more and more countries. It is important for the well-being of people everywhere that quality Tantra spreads to as many places as possible to help evolve consciousness, love and bliss in this world.

If you are interested in teaching Tantra to both men and women and also to couples, the course for you is the Tantra Essence Teacher Training. This is both the longest and the most in-depth of our teacher training courses and is open to both men and women.   The Empowered Woman Teacher Training is open to women only and prepares participants to teach the 4 part Empowered Woman series of groups.

The training is designed in such a way that after experiencing the awakening and transformation of each chakra through methods of active or silent meditation / rituals, dance, massage, emotional release, sacred theatre and sensorial awakening, you will then be working in teams to present and teach what you have learned. In this way, you will be on a fast track for optimizing your skills. You will also receive coaching and evaluation sessions from the teachers and their assistants. By experiencing evaluation of your own teaching, plus the evaluations of your peers, you will soon begin to excel in facilitating. You will be filmed while presenting discourses or teaching and will then have the opportunity to see this on a big screen together with your peers.

Brendali says "It has been my supreme joy to see my apprentices flower into teachers over the years. Another way of becoming a Tantra Teacher is to participate in the two year Tantra Teacher Training, which is a hothouse environment for developing the multifaceted skills necessary for becoming a high calibre Tantra Teacher."

The teacher training includes:

• Physical, emotional and spiritual awakening as a woman with E-mail support as homestudy.
• Opening 3 magical doors within:- 1 self-love 2 loving others 3 loving the whole.
• Practical youthing and beauty secrets.
• How to awaken undreamed of sexual pleasure and ecstasy through a methodology which is tailored just for women.
• Expanding a woman's feminine potential and power to include her Goddess nature, she who is custodian of birth, death, holds the evolutionary key for humanity and as Shakti holds the secret behind all emotional states
• Opening to clairvoyance and the ability to be wise woman a healer for herself and for all women.
• Understanding how to follow the spiritual path which is attuned to your feminine nature.
• How to have fun with and appreciate women of various backgrounds and cultures.
• How to guide women on the Empowered Woman Journey.
• How to hold and guide small or large groups of women into positive transformation