Social Psychology

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Social Psychology
Social Psychology

What is social psychology?

What is the relationship between attitude and behavior? In this lesson, we will study how the people around us influence our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and learn "how funny we are as humans in our desire to fit in." We also will go over two of the most famous experiments in psychology: the Stanford Prison Experiment and the Milgram Obedience Experiment.

*You will learn everything about the Social aspect of Social psychology. It covers all the lessons you need to know to become a good psychologist. After passing the open book exam you will be a certified social psychologist and you can practice in psychology.

What is social psychology in simple words?

*Social psychology is the scientific study of how people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by the actual, imagined, or implied presence of others. In this definition, scientific refers to the empirical investigation using the scientific method.

*Why is social psychology so important?

Social psychology tries to understand group as well as individual behavior when reacting to or thinking about the social environment. Social psychology tends to study the behavior of people at a group level more than anything else. It tries to describe and explain human behavior by reducing it to psychological variables.

*What are the three major themes of social psychology? The major themes are:

  • Social cognition and perception.
  • The self in a social context.
  • Attitudes and persuasion.
  • Group decisions.
  • Attraction and close relationships.
  • Prosocial behavior.
  • Stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination.

*What is the goal of social psychology?

The the goal of social psychology is to understand cognition and behavior as they naturally occur in a social context, but the very act of observing people can influence and alter their behavior. For this reason, many social psychology experiments utilize deception to conceal or distort certain aspects of the study.

*What are the Careers in Social Psychology?

  • Industrial-Organizational Psychologist. ...
  • Human Resource Specialist. ...
  • Political Strategist. ...
  • Public Relations Specialist. ...
  • Social Services Representative. ...
  • Technology Designer. ...
  • Marketing Director or Manager. ...
  • Researcher.

*What are the major theories in social psychology?

The three theoretical perspectives in social psychology, known more generally as cognitive and intrapersonal, symbolic interactionist and structural, each represents different origins and intellectual affiliations and maintain a focus on different aspects of the individual and society.

Social psychology in a very realistic and recognizable context

Social psychology is the form of psychology that is closest to everyday life. Social psychology examines how people influence each other's behavior, thoughts, and feelings in daily life. The issues that are treated within social psychology are very recognizable for many people and this makes this education interesting for a very large target group.

About the Social Psychology VDEO/SSMHG Education

Psychology is about people. What they think and feel, how they behave.                    Social psychology focuses on how people interact with each other and how they influence each other's thoughts, behavior, and feelings.
With the recognized Social Psychology Home Education, you can take a look behind the scenes of any social affair. A conversation between two people, a party, a collaborative group, social interaction can be found at any time of the day.

The many recognizable situations make for a very practical Education that not only offers knowledge but which you can also use very well in everyday life. What can you do with this Social Psychology education?
Social Psychology education trains for a recognized degree and takes you through your daily social interactions with others. The recognizable situations and clear examples ensure that the teaching material really comes to life and can be easily applied in daily practice.

Immerse yourself in what really moves people
Social Psychology online education gives you a unique insight into the behavior of other people. You learn why people react in a certain way, and which behavioral patterns underlie this. Learn about interhuman behavior
Human behavior remains one of the most fascinating topics. By learning more about how behavior is caused and what considerations people make, you will also learn more about yourself and the people around you. Use your knowledge of psychology in everyday life.

With the practical information from this recognized distance Education, you can also immediately benefit from everyday life. This way you are more aware of factors that influence your behavior and that of others. Use your knowledge both business and private
The knowledge from this Online education is not only useful for private use. Even if you work in a profession where you work a lot with people, for example in health care, advertising, or politics, the insight you gain with this Online home education can be of great benefit.

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