Social Psychology

Social psychology is the form of psychology closest to everyday life. Social psychology examines how people influence each other's behavior, thoughts, and feelings in daily life. The issues dealt with in social psychology are very recognizable for many people and this makes this online education interesting for a very large target group.

What can you do with this Social Psychology program?

The Social Psychology course trains for a recognized degree and takes you through your daily social interactions with others. The recognizable situations and clear examples ensure that the teaching material really comes to life and can easily be applied in daily practice.

Immerse yourself in what really moves people

The Home study Social Psychology gives you a unique insight into the behavior of other people. You learn why people react in a certain way, and which behavioral patterns underlie this.

Learn about interpersonal behavior

Human behavior remains one of the most fascinating topics. By learning more about how behavior is caused and what trade-offs people make, you will also learn more about yourself and the people around you.

Child Psychology

Gain a better understanding of children's behavior and developmental stages

This training gives you basic knowledge of child psychology. You continue to gain practical insights and learn to understand children better. The lessons offer a lot of professional knowledge and are also very pleasantly written. When you have completed the training, you will have enough knowledge in-house to have a thorough discussion about upbringing instead of just expressing suspicions or drawing on your own experiences

Ayurveda Medicine Level 1 Level 2

Ayurveda is one of the most comprehensive and fascinating medical systems and has a history of more than 7,000 years. Ayurveda is a word from Sanskrit, the language of India where this healing method was developed, and literally means 'wisdom of life. It is therefore not only a cure but also a way of living and staying healthy. As a result, Ayurvedic treatment has a profound impact on a patient.

The Home Training Working with Ayurveda brings you into contact with one of the first and most developed healing methods over the centuries. It gives you a clear insight into the how and why of a disease, not only in a patient but also in yourself, as a therapist, and as a person. Ayurveda is a healing method, without the use of devices, but completely natural and from person to person. The results of treatment are often astonishingly positive.

New and now available Doctor online education with profession association. Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Africa,