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Online Psychic Mediumship

"The function of a medium is to be the conduit between this life and the afterlife or spirit world."

Teacher Samara Tamis and Enid Hoffman Michael Smith

Everyone has the potential to sense and perceive the spirit world and receive evidence that those we love who have left their Earthly bodies carry on existing in the spiritual realm. Mediumship can offer us many gifts by delivering us authentic messages from the spirit world to provide us with answers, comfort, healing and resolution.

Samara Tamis is one of the world's best-known and well-loved mediums, renowned for her astoundingly accurate ability to give exact names of people, places and even streets relevant to a person's life. She travels the world demonstrating his abilities and offering healing and comfort to thousands of people. Samara is passionate about helping others discover their mediumistic abilities and has created this course to bring together his decades of wisdom and share all he knows about developing the skills that can help you receive clear messages from the other side.

This exclusive online course includes:

  • A step-by-step guide to developing as a Psychic medium
  • Practical exercises throughout to test and advance your mediumship skills
  • Astonishing real-life stories proving the validity of mediumship

In this course, Samara or other teacher will guide you gently through the steps that it takes to develop your mediumship skills, breaking down all the stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding the subject to show that you have nothing to fear.

Just like the Medium Theresa Caputo - Mediumship Training
Just like the Medium Theresa Caputo - Mediumship Training

What will you learn?

Learn about the role of a Medium, enhance your spiritual skills, discover the interconnectivity of energy, transcend spiritual realms, connect with otherworldly beings, and create a business to help others communicate with their loved ones.

From this course, you will gain a complete understanding of what a Medium is.                You'll learn the about the interconnectivity of energy, the research and science that has gone into proving mediumship, and what the different types of mediumship are.

This course is designed to give information about Mediumship and spirituality to those who have an interest in the subject and wish to develop in this area. You'll learn the skills and knowledge required to become a practising Medium or Psychic Medium, including how to conduct client sessions and set up a business.

Complete Mediumship development , psychic spiritual training as home study.

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Mediumship content training:

  • Module 1 -  All about channeling and guides                                                   Module 2 - Working with energy
    Module 3 - Prepare yourself for channeling
    Module 4 - Psychic Protection and Purification
    Module 5 - Activation of the channel process
    Module 6 - After channeling: what now?
    Module 7 - For others channeling
    Module 8 - Channel special topics
    Module 9 - Frequently asked questions about channeling
    Module10 - Passages from channeled information
  • Openbook exam!

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