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Kundalini Yoga Master Training - KYTT for children from 8 till 21 years.
New 2019 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training for Children Yoga lesson - SSMHG / ROSS
Previous education Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Level 2 Level 3.
Kundalini Yoga teacher training (Master child training) is offered to teach for Children from 8 to 21 years.
After obtaining the Kundalini Yoga Child Training you are the Master of Kundalini Yoga.

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Kundalini Yoga Master Trainer - SSMHG

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***Price Paper version $1249 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Openbookexam + Complete Yogi Yoga Master Training.

Master of Kundalini education Level 1 level 2 and Level 3 of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training International from SSMHG Proffesional Association.

"Children are not pets, property, or possessions, but are the future and hope of the planet. They have strengths which need to be encouraged and weaknesses which need to be channeled or positively used. They need the inspiration of the parents' life example, not so much by words or shows."

1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training + Kundalini Yoga Master Training

1A New, Kundalini Yoga Child Master Training (Previous education Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Paperversion)

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SSMHG Great Yogi Master Teaching Distance Courses

Bhavishyajot Swami Shanthiprasad is, a powerful and unique spiritual teacher, was a source of guidance and inspiration for me from 1976 onward. Wisdom flowed from his mouth and from his actions at every moment.

One day in 1994, Bhavishyajot was passing through a crowd of hundreds when he stopped in his tracks as he passed me and my three year-old son. In one second he felt the energy of the soul who was this youngster, and turned to me, saying, "He needs martial arts. Get him into a class." And with a look that told me he was clearly seeing something deeper than I was, he was on his way. Needless to say, our son was the youngest in that martial arts class, and kept up with the best of them for many years afterwards. The training helped channel his strong energy and gave him a focused challenge.

"Children are not pets, property, or possessions, but are the future and hope of the planet. They have strengths which need to be encouraged and weaknesses which need to be channeled or positively used. They need the inspiration of the parents' life example, not so much by words or shows."

The martial arts phase that our son experienced was a way of channeling his strong energy in a positive way. I still see the effect of that experience reverberating in his life as a young adult. Though our son is a young adult, I know there are many times when Bhavishyajot Singh words are just as important now, as it was then.

In what ways can you channel your children (or your students) into positive expressions? Can you give yourself and your child the experience of non-attachment and see what happens?

Complete KYTT Master Training

Kundalini Yoga Master Content:

Content Master Training:

Children's Kundalini Yoga mantras
Warming up exercises for children
The witch series
Exercises with two
Relaxation exercises for children
Stretching exercises for neck shoulders and arms Kundalini yoga exercises for children
Where does kundalini yoga consist?
The breathing by children
Important points during teaching Children and the beginning of yoga
Exercises to really awaken children
Blood circulation
Children and the Aura
Sleep problems in children
Immune system
More courage in children
Nabhi Kriy
Serabandanda Kriya
the maintenance
ADHD in Children and Kundalini yoga
Strengthen glandular system
digestion and smooth rus
Negativity and children
The four U's
The sat Kriya
The swan Kriya
The varuyas Kriya Exercises lessons how to teach children

Yoga exercises in girls and young women
Exercises against menstrual pain
3 mintuen meditation to bring you back into balance
Dance and child meditation
Meditation for the lower three chakras
Pran Meditation
Meditation to open the heart
The Maha Gian Agni Kriya
Meditation and patience
meditation for information and wisdom
Helande meditation with fruit
Meditation for trust in a sense of reality
Sitali Arti pranayama
Mahan Jap

Relaxation lying on your back
Relaxation like the child
Guided meditation for teacher
Exercises to get out of the relaxation
The chakras
Primal meditation
Sunia Antar
Tapa Yoga Karam Kriya
Meditation to stay young at heart
Antar Naad
Meditation to clear your head
Meditation for devotion
Ra Ma Da Sa Sa So So Hung
Meditation for giving a healing like to a disease Child and Mother
Child and Father
The squat
The butterfly posture
Sat Nam meditation
Yoga games
Celestial communication
Yoga and nutrition Technology of Kundalini Yoga Kundalini yoga Worldwide Where to start as Teacher Spinal energy series Sa Ta Na Ma Guidelines for Sadhana

How do I deal with my Master's degree
Kundalini Yoga to adult
Kundalini Yoga to children
Put together the lessons
and more....

Training content:
Module 1, Welcome, Exercise series, Misunderstanding KYTT, Kundalini Yoga Serice, The right Mantra, Refresh memory, Breathing at Kundalini, Exercise for (conscious breathing) breathing at Kundalini Yoga, Sitali Pranayama Exercise 1, Conscious, Yogi's Faith, Intuition , 40 days meditation assignment, result, Preparing for the Ayuarian Age, Mudra for the Kundalini, Bhanda, Overview Assignments.

Module 2, Gong, The Inner Approach to the Gong, The Art of the Gong, First Mantal Mangalacharan, Second Mantra Adi Mantra, The Battle of the Gong, Orientation of the Gong, Agni Pran, Exercise 2 Agni Pran, Fire Breathing for Mastering, Different seat, Exercise 4 cross-legged seat, Exercise 3 Vajrasana, Exercise 5 Lotus, exercise 6 Half lotus, Exercise 7 'O' Saarganjobaalja position, Exercise 8 sit, Mantra and exercises, Lek Ong Kar, Har, Ra ma da Sa Sé So Hung, Mudra the seal of yoga, Exercise 9 mudra yoga seal gyan mudra, exercise 10 Gyan mudra active, Exercise 11 Shun Mudra, Exercise 12 Surya of Ravi, Exercise 13 Buddhi Mudra, Exercise 14 Prayer, Exercise 15, Venus Mudra, Exercise 16 Bear grip Mudra, Exercise 17 Buddha Mudra, Sikh religion, faith Sikhs, Sikh Values, Faith principles, Warden of Sikh, Sikh History, The core of Sikh, The ten Sikh Gurus, Exercise 18, Silence and Intuition, Exercise 19 Long relaxation, 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, Commands Module 2

Module 3, exercise 20 Sat made meditation, make a decision, emotions in balance, guidelines Sadhana, own pace, focus and attention, active and passive, 40 days, missing day, awareness, menstruation, correct Sadhana, healing meditation exercise 21, Mantra Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Yoga Pranagam exercise, Refresher with exercises, Suidraa exercise 22, Venus grip a23, Exercise 24 Chair posture, Exercise 25 yogi walk, 25 a, b alternative posture, Gong and the chakras, Gong and Yogi's, Gong rhythm of the strokes, explanation gong strokes, emotional transformations, Yogi bhajan nervous system, Parighasana abcde exercises, Exercise 26 Sirsasana, Exercise 27 Janu Sirsasana, Exercise 28 Rowing with the lower leg, Exercise 29 Cradles of your leg, Exercise 30 Stretch Kriya, Exercise 31, Eka Pada A + B, Exercise 32 Mother Clock, Exercise 33, Ardha Matsyendrasana, Exercise 34 Baby Pose.

Module 4, warming up, eating habits, exercise Sa Ta Na Ma, Healthy Happy Holy Breath, HHHB exercise 27, A good night's rest, Night rest exercises, Heal with your hands, Breathing before sleep Yogi's, Together Kundalini Yoga, Series Together yoga 1b , 1b, 2, 3, 4, 5, Tree posture 4, Relaxation for the eyes 5, The child and the yoga, children learn, teacher during the Sabia, Sabia kundalini yoga classes, Sabia kundalini time, five sabia kundalini abstinence, The fingers Exercise 1, The Wrist Exercise 2, The Knee Exercise 3, The Foot Exercise 4, The Hips Exercise 5, Nap Nap Series Exercise 6 through 10, Waking up like a yogi master.

Module 5, Kundalini energetic exercises, exercise 35 knock, exercise 36 shake, exercise 37 stretching exercises for neck, shoulder arms Series 1 to 3, full yoga class, to strengthen the lungs, 1 to 15, Recovery time Kundalini, Sabia adventures , sabia kundalini exercises, Madja exercise 11, Trup exercise 12, Vlia exercise 13, Klaka exercise 14, Pio exercise 15, Stapo exercise 16, Basoe exercise 17, Oe oe, exercise 18, Bra exercise 19, Wra wroe exercise 20, Example Sabia Kundalini.

Module 6, kundalini can cause discomfort, criss situations, sudden kundalini activity, change in appearance with kundalini, recharge session for beginning kundalini sabia less, exercise 38 a + b, exercise 39 1/3, exercise 40 make aura stronger, exercise 41 40/44 , practice 45 series hips, recognize kundalini, kundalini and sexual energy, practice 46, record energy channels, catharisis, sabia practice 20 blitsa, practice 21 doloo dolloo, practice 22 dabalo, practice 23 haio, practice 24 krig krig, practice 25 kroew kroew , practice 26 iko iko, the power of the child's unconsciousness, therapeutic deployment, Example lesson, assignments.

Module 7, Matering the yoga, exercise series salaap problems exercise 46/55 kundalini within the relationship, kundalini and sex, tantra and kundalini, kundalini for more intimacy, kundalilni yoga and immune system, exercise 56/72, driving exercise, courage and daring session 68 / 73, seven fundamental rights, exercise fundamental right sexual energy exercise.

Module 8, kundalini and spirituality, looking into each other's heart, loss of relationship, unconscious in the child, play therapy, therapeutic for a yogi, groo groo, shaking, ai ai, iwao, sira sira, bruh, groeta, kriho, berka, being emotion important, bow, naho, kundalini and enlightenment, life in the moment, + exercise, hange, shrinó, wheelbarrow, romae, sabia kundalii ensemble, knot, knave, breath sabia, kragma, concentration, example sabia kundalini lesson, karma and dharma, precious stones and kundalini, magnetic field practice series 74 a, b, cd, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l ,, wahé guru, Nabhi kriya series 75/85, serabando kriya 86/91 precious stones and kundalini, ayuveda , dosha

Module 9, Master, Kundalini and the Shaktipad, Kundalini activation + exercises, Kundalini activation 1,2,3, overall series 92 through 106, How to live a yogi master, the gees of a yogi master, concentration of sabia, sabia sit, watch, setal, virega, inferiority, colors sabia, stui, dral dral, second chakra, burrow and bulb, Hula, Sabia stubbornness, navel chakra, delia, mahali, fourth chakra, karbai, hoesai, throat chakra, grigro, the most important principles for a yogi master, all yama's as yogi master, system of the 12 chakras exercise head 107 through 108 Kosha's enlightenmentOpenbook exam

Training Content: Level 1 (Module 1 + 2 + 3 + 4)
-What is kundalini yoga
-The divine kundalini snake
-Yogi Orginal
-History of the Yogi's
-The story of Kundalini from heaven
-The origin
-The task of Kundalini
-Vedas, Vedanta, Tantras
-Kundalini Yoga the formula
-What is Yoga
-Kundalini yoga for everyone
-Power and relaxation
-Health, Movement, Relaxation
-Health awareness
-Kundalini yoga master
-The eightfold path
-Wake up by transmission
-The yoga
-Build a yoga session
-Yoga and session
-The radiant Kundalini
-Kundalini Shaktipat

Level 2 (Module 5,6,7,8)
-Open Chakras
-The gifts
-About the seven body chakras
- Breathing - Exercises
-Yoga techniques for purification
-The melody of mantras
-Own mantra
-Become a trader and become fitter
-Philosophical thoughts
-Kriya for the eighth Chakra
-Elements of a session
-Strengthen chakras
-Kriya for 1,2,3

Level 3 (Module 9,10,11,12)

-Meditation exercise
-Kriya for 3,4 the Chakra
-Ten bodies
-The ten principles of a good life
-Kriya 4 the chakra
-The philosophical thought
-Kundalini and breathing
-Kriya breathing
-Meditation for the fifth Chakra
-Kriya for 6th chakra
-Nerve system
-Meditation for the seventh Chakra
-Kriya for the eight Chakra
-Building session
-An example yoga lesson Plus all the original exercises of the Yogi's from the exercise book.


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