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Starting Franchise with SSMHG,

Franchising is a collaboration between an independent entrepreneur (the franchisee) and an entrepreneur with a proven formula (the franchisor).

This proven formula we have!

SSMHG is going giving you this opportunity to become part of the spiritual training center,

how is operating in more than 48 countries worldwide.

Your own spiritual training center, Local or online, anywhere in the world. Doing business, teaching, and passing on knowledge in the way SSMHG has been doing for years.

With its own concept, its own written pieces of training, and its own way of teaching.

All this under supervision, and supported by the SSMHG foundation.

All our course material has been developed, written, rewritten, and refined by our organization itself.

Unique courses, for which a foundation was laid centuries ago, and which, "thanks to our developments", perfectly fit into the lifestyle of the 21st century.

Training as, Mediumship, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, Chakra Yoga Teacher, Psychometric, Kundalini Yoga Master, Ayurvedic Doctor, Ghost Master, Voodoo Master, Shamanism, Saarganjobaalja Yoga Teacher, Saarganjobaalja Healing Meditation Master, Sabia Teacher Training, Tantra Teacher, Mudra Yoga Teacher Training and more....

All of them high-level studies, some with a master's degree.

But also, completely new material.

Example: Saarganjobaalja.

Energetic energy, which is many times stronger than Reiki, for example.

Developed by SSMHG and therefore the only one in the world, that controls and passes on this knowledge.

Your own company for passing on and teaching these exceptional training courses.

Our motto: if you can explain well what you do, why you do it and how you take everyone's interests, you act as a SSMHG franchisor.

For more information, contact SSMHG, Franchise Department.

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