Explanation SSMHG Registration for yourself or and for your company.

SSMHG Membership Benefits provide valuable support to help you thrive in your yoga, doctor, healing, therapist, and more profession and personal practice. All benefits are designed for you, our study schools and teachers, to give you the professional guidance, relevant tools, continued education, and community access you need to successfully share high quality, safe, accessible, and equitable yoga teaching.

How does SSMHG work?

Many therapists, Doctors, Spiritual healers, yoga teachers, and psychological doctors want support from a prosperous and protective professional organization. This is important for the organization as well as for the customer, student, and/or client.

That is why it is very important that certified training institutes can register. This is possible for a one-man business, but it is also possible for a large company such as training institutions that have not or not yet followed a training at one of our franchisees. As long as one is certified.

That is why the SSMHG offers the possibility that anyone who has followed a well-certified training can register.

* How does the SSMHG work?

We give an example below:

Charles has followed the Clinic Psychology training at another training institute and wants to start up his own practice. He is fully certified but wants to work under the conditions of the SSMHG. The training institute where he followed the training is not affiliated with the SSMHG. Nevertheless, Charles can register by showing his certificate. Charles pays $ 149 for three years and can protect his profession. This applies to all doctors in the psychic profession and for spiritual purposes.

* Setting up your own practice and teaching is that possible under the SSMHG?

We take the example of Charles, he already has a professional organization quality mark. If he is going to teach himself, he will have to receive another quality mark so that he can conduct business under the SSMHG. This means that he declares each student to the SSMHG after obtaining his or her diploma issued by Charles himself, the SSMHG will send the certificate from the SSMHG to the home address of the student specified.

The payment of the certificate does not go to the SSMHG but is included in the training that Charles provides.

Charles has to pay the SSMHG $ 149 for each student. He doesn't have to notice that. He can include these costs in the training amount for which he himself is responsible.

* Is that possible to send SSMHG certificates to your own students yourself?

Yes, you can, you can order pre-printed professional organization sheets for three years.

There you only need to enter the registration number and the name of the student. And then of course Charles' signature.

After the three years, these print runs will always be adjusted.

And the students will pay $ 99 to the SSMHG for renewal and will receive their professional organization certificate again.

You can also choose from:

Pre-printed Certificates

For example, you buy a pack from 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, or more pieces. You will receive a 25 dollar discount on this per certificate. After all, you are already affiliated with the SSMHG.

With an order of 100 or more, you even get a 50 dollar discount on the certificates.

Information and Registration for SSMHG Association 

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