Sabia Child Yoga Teacher Training

This is an inspiring certification program endorsed by the Yoga SSMHG covering all aspects of yoga for children ages 2-18. Gain a greater understanding of the relationship between the brain, nervous system, and body. Learn how yoga and Sabia (From Saarganjobaalja) can support effective self-regulation. Participants will leave training with the tools to help children use the calming power of their breath, improve focus & concentration, and feel self-confident through physical movement.

What you will learn:

Ways to safely instruct children's yoga classes based on the developmental level

To instruct kids and teens on basic poses and mindful practices/movement that facilitate self-regulation and self-esteem

Breathing exercises for reducing stress and anxiety

Lesson planning best practices for creating successful, engaging classes

Engaging ways to introduce Sabia (Saarganjobaalja Healing) to reduce tension and stress

Creative yoga and mindfulness games

Content Sabia Yoga

Children learn,

The teacher during the Sabia,

Sabia exercises, Sabia lessons,

Sabia lesson time,



Role of the yoga teacher,

Sabia live rules,

Sabia Sa Alya contract,

Starting with the warming up,

Loosening of the joints,

fingers, exercise 1,

exercise 2 wrists,

exercise3 knees,

exercise 4 feet,

exercise 5 hips,

Nap nap series 6,

Sabia adventures,

exercise 7 Bird madja madja,

exercise 8 caterpillar trup trup,

exercise 9 butterfly vlia vlia,

exercise 10 the frog klaka klaka,

exercise 11 the mouse pio pio,

exercise 12 the walk stapo stapo,

exercise 13 the cow head basu basu,

exercise 14 the owl oe oe,

exercise 15 the horse braba,

exercise 16 the dog wra wroe,

exercise 17 the time,

exercise 18 at home, for example, lesson.

Module 2, psychoanalytical aspects during yoga,

catharsis, practice 20 bikes,

21 dives,

practice 22 underwater,

practice 23 the shark,

practice 24 crab,

practice 25 seal,

practice 26 penguins,

loss of reality,

the power of the unconscious in the child,

play therapy during yoga,

therapeutic use during Sabia yoga,

Sea turtle practice 27,

practice 28 shakes lose.

The tree practice 29 ai ai,

the eagle practice 30 iwo,

the cobra practice 31 sira sira,

the elephant practice 32 Bruh,

the monkey practice 33 groeta,

the lion practice 34 Kriho,

the bear practice 35 berka,

come home, wake up,

emotions are important,

practice 40 bendings,

practice 41 up and down,

practice 42 to hang,

Practice 43 wheelbarrow,

exercise 44 living tunnel,

make letters 45,

in and out of the knot exercise 46,

freeze and thaw practice 47,

pass balloons or softball practice 48,

Breathing exercises Sabia,

Cuddle breathing exercise 49, Ball/balloon breathing,

example lesson, assignments.

Concentration at Sabia Yoga,

How do we sit num 50,

Sabia sit still num 51,

Watch clock num 52,

walk num53,

virega meditation num 54,

balloon meditation num 55,

inferiority in the child,

colors and Sabia,

Sabia color dance num 61,

bounce num 62,

stomping num 63,

sacred num 65,

hollow and convex 66,

back and forth num 67,

stubborn behavior num 68,

navel pressing num 70,

jumping together num 69 Heart chakra,

turning circles num 72,

up and down num 73,

throat chakra and the chakra operations,

front behind num: 74 right to left num 75,

shoulder to shoulder,

sixth chakra,

to fly,

seventh chakra,

crown rubbing num 80,

white light num 81,

visualization during yoga class,

in the woods,

in the sea,

example lesson,

Sabia and spirituality in children,

hands and feet now 90,

hands and feet num 90,

walk in the air num 91,

roll on the back num 92,

stretch num 93,

in the clouds num 94,

to the sun num 95,

Sabia live rules,

dare to take action,

what is yoga actually?,

Sabia eightfold path,

Sabia and nature,


starting with the lesson,

the attitude of the teacher,

observing and reflecting,

Sabia and paranormal children,

module 5,

the story, num 94,

worba sun, num 95 grab,

No. 96 Inha,

series bronzai,

The big five,


Easy and hard temperament,

num97 on the bus,

num 98 in the row,

num 99 giraffe,

num 100 zebra,

num 101 collar,

num 101 collarra,

Kamroe num 102,

Floor number 103,

Kamroeteets num 104,

Kramas num 105,

Klankár num 106,

Portable num 107,

Esthepiho num 108,


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