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New, Chakra Yoga Teaching, Now available in a Download Version or Paper Version

Chakra Yoga exercises are exercises that often refer to the effect they have on the Chakras, the energy pathways in your body. Chakra Yoga alone is not an official Yoga form. So often Chakra Yoga means a Yoga form where exercises are used to open your Chakras. Chakra yoga is the most important form of yoga to open all energy lanes. Chakra Yoga has many exercises because this Yoga form has important characteristics such as:

The Yoga exercises are dynamic, so all exercises run smoothly into each other. The Yoga exercises are tied to a fixed time. All exercises must be performed within a specified time.

In addition, the exercises are often performed by making many movements, this releases the energy from the Chakras. Also called Kundalini energy. Breathing is of great importance. These characteristics ensure that these Chakra Yoga exercises focus extra well on opening your Chakras. You get a lot of energy as a result, and you start to feel more and more "in balance".
So if you want to focus on opening your Chakras then is this Chakra yoga teaching really for you. Chakra Yoga is the most a suitable form of Yoga to keep you busy with.

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