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As a continuously growing business group, we consider providing a good space for our developing, talented colleagues to be a primary objective. Our job is long-term profit management, with risk factors well controlled. The key to our progress lies in successful agreements and collaborations that deliver the profits needed to implement innovations. We do all this while offering our colleagues attractive working environments for setting up their own training centers with the studies of the SSMHG.

"New studies are now available: (Social Psychology, Child Psychology, Ayurveda L1 L2 Doctor Education.)

These Courses/ Education will be new in 2022

- TCM Doctor education (available)

- New and Now available Stress - Burn Out Coaching 

- PKYTT (Pregnancy Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 Level 2 (Home education) 

Working together on optimal quality.

At SSMHG we set high standards for every trainer who registers with us. For example, a careful accreditation process is preceded before we publish on our website about a vocational training, module, or further training.

Every training is therefore checked on various quality aspects. There are different types of criteria for each training category:

Begin your own Spiritual or Yoga Teacher Training Center as Homestudy or Practice study Centra. With the studies of the SSMHG.

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We recognize that as Yoga Teachers and Spiritual Masters, we are committed to living in our higher consciousness. We conduct our lives in a spirit of integrity.

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Join SSMHG now the International Master and Teachers Association SSMHG is an ever-evolving body of worldwide SSMHG-Certified Yoga and Spiritual Master Teachers and a vehicle through which our collective consciousness serves our worldwide community.

SSMHG is dedicated to creating a platform to support teachers in their professional and spiritual growth. We provide opportunities to network and connect, to serve, and to build unity through teaching, practicing, and sharing Yoga and Meditation, and other Spiritual Mastering. Sa Spirit Meditation Healing Group®.

Students around the world can find teachers, events, studios, and pieces of training in our directory search. We also offer online learning opportunities, annual conferences, teaching curriculums, retail and event discounts, and more!
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Serving those who serve with benefits and community to expand and grow as a teacher and become a master.

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Balance is extremely important. That is why we teach a total lifestyle, rather than just focusing on exercises to raise energy. Everything w do in our lives affects our energy, and our energy affects everything we do in our lives. The vibrations of every word we speak, even though we think, instantly raise or lower. It is as if we are registering our thoughts, moods, words, and actions on the most delicate and sensitive thermometer even invented. It responds instantly to the slightest change in our vibration or frequency drops or falls into the lower chakras. All the chakras are valuable, and we need to use all of them, but when the kundalini energy is primarily focused on our lower chakras, and we do not exercise any control over them, then we become slaves to our minds and emotions.

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New 2022 Start your own Spiritual Training Center and buy your studies at SSMHG.

SSMHG is characterized by a wide market for various studies written by the author of ROSS. The recognizable concept lends a unique face to different trainers to teach so many. Whether in practice or online. The choice is yours.

SSMHG is currently experiencing a steady increase. By consciously choosing different parts of the world, SSMHG further guarantees its concept. That is why we attach great importance to the selection of new locations for our new instructors so that we can continue to guarantee the quality of our brand. Thanks to these developments, SSMHG is successful in many countries. For more information on how to become an entrepreneur within SSMHG, see Starting Training Centers.

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